Cuticles in the same direction

The hairstyle structure & strength primarily depends on the health of curly. It is said that the cuticles should be from one direction. The cuticle of the curls is the outside protective layer. It is like the roof where the overlapping happens. The middle layer is called cortex which decides the structure and is responsible for the textures, like straight, wavy & curly the thickness etc. If the cortex is altered the process cannot be changed again. The condition of the cuticle lets you know how it should look and feel. If it is dry, then the cuticle is open and a lot of moisture has evaporated into the air. If it is soft and shiny; then the cuticle is closed and has kept moisture within it.The best thing about making sure that the cuticle is closed is you can experience soft, moisturized curls for several days at a time. This is the most efficient way to moisturize it and prevent constant dryness.

Firstly, your curls was not be moisturized correctly. The immediate dryness probably resulted from the cuticles of the curls not being closed. You could not hold the moisture from your fibre products long. If the cuticles of your fibre remain open even after you've moisturized, it will become dry shortly after. Open fiber cuticles allow moisture to quickly leave and evaporate into the air. Most people who experience chronic dry fleece do not know how to keep the fleece cuticles closed. You need to cleanse with mild substance, regularly cleanse, and detangling helps you have beautiful long fleece.

Hot, warm, or steamed water may swell and slightly raise the cuticle but cold water will not close it. That’s the job of the conditioner to help smooth or close the cuticle.The Medulla consists of a thin core of transparent cells and air spaces.The three inner layers become the locks, made up of the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla – although the medulla isn’t always present, especially in hairs with a thinner diameter. The outer three layers become the lining of the follicle and form the inner root sheath and basement membrane, around which lie undifferentiated cells. Specific cells in the locks bulb, called melanocytes, make the pigment called melanin that gives your locks its color. If the cuticles run in one direction the mane doesn’t tangle & it is called Remy. If it gets mixed the mane becomes non-Remy.

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