Different Styles popular in South India

Let us look at some of the popular curl styles which are quite popular here at south India. We can have some of them listed below:-

Messy Knot: -Messy knot is the best hairstyle which makes you look beautiful. You just pull your mane back with a small knot and brushed back a small bun. It is simple and has a beautiful look. Just leave some curls off your face. That makes you look gorgeous with free curls.

Hyper Bun: - It is mostly preferred during the summer as it is very hot. Add a little height by tightly, pulling your fibre back. It looks pretty good and makes you look gorgeous, if you have long fibre. It also protects your fibre from pollution and heat during summer.

Pony Tail haircut: - This is so simple haircut that anyone can easily adopt at home without any trouble. Just leave the hairs in the front portion and give it a shortcut. Take the rest fiber with the comb and tie a pony tail right at the back portion of your head. You will look very simple and gorgeous.

Top knot bun haircut: - Many ladies are not very comfortable in keeping their locks open for a long time. According to a survey that has been established to find out the reason, ladies find very uncomfortable to work with her open wide. For all those ladies, this hairstyle will be perfect

Fizzy &highlighted: - You look really gorgeous with fizzy and highlighted hairstyles. You need not colour your entire locks, but can have some streak from the front and middle to provide a wonderful effect. You can also take inspiration from this mane style and be a party element with the latest trend. It is a simple side swept loose hairstyle.

Twist and braid tresses trend: - The trend of long tresses style will never end. Especially in south India, ladies are very focused on long tresses.  If you want to try something simple, but, twist and braid tresses style will be perfect. This type of hairstyle is traditional wear and most of the women like to wear it. It can be worn on the occasion of weddings, festivals and many more.

Back comb wig style: - There was a time when celebrities adopted back comb regardless of the length of the wig.  It is preferable for all those who have long beard but feel shy in keeping it totally open while visiting to nearby places. You can also try this mop style and stay beautiful. The simple daily wear office going girls can wear it and enjoy this type of hairstyle with gorgeous look.

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