Tonsuring at Temples in India

India is country rich in culture & rituals in Hindu religion. According to the Vedas in Hindu religion Tonsuring is done to all ages, both male and female starting from age one.

The Devotees tonsure in the temples, especially in South India, to offer for the favoursreceived from their Gods. It is done in their Kula Daivam which means guardian spirits or Local Village Gods. They are associated to a main deity who is generally ascribed as Kula Daivam by various sects of community and clan groups as part of tracing their generation through centuries.Millions of pilgrims display their devotion for the presiding deity.The curls in the temple is either in the custody of temple authorities or by the highest bidder of the tender.

There’s actually a rather interesting story behind the unusual practice – according to the ancient lord, Sri Venkateswara, it is believed to have taken a loan in order to fund his own wedding celebrations. The debt was so huge that he continues to pay it off to this day, and requires assistance in doing so. And his devotees are more than happy to help by donating their curls to the cause.

According to the scriptures, all Hindus are advised to shave their heads at least once during their lifetime. This is usually done shortly after birth, and staunch devotees continue to donate their locks multiple times during their lifetime. Tonsuring is viewed as a sacrifice, and also a way of shedding their ego.

What it means is whenever one goes on a pilgrimage, be it to a temple, a river or any other sacred place, they should clean-shave their heads because for everyone their 'pāpa' or sin is attached to the locks. Symbolically, by getting rid of your mane, you are getting rid of your pāpa or sins and become eligible to visit that pilgrimage site.

This is also the reason why a son should clean-shave his head- gets rid of his sins, and is then qualified to perform the funeral rights or Śrāddha on the death of a parent.

For many women in India, their tresses is indeed something they take great pride in.To donate their tresses to God is a greater sacrifice than donating money. The temple does lots of charitable work like free food, accommodation & other community development work. Most of the money is used for good causes.If you buy mop extensions, you indirectly contribute for good causes.It is believed among women that the more you tonsure,the better your lock grows.

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