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1. If you visit India, please first visit the factory and office of the company from which you are going to purchase the curls before and then make the payment for your requirement as scheduled by you.

2. You can enquire and discuss about the Indian companies with your excising local importers they could be a good source.

3. Make sure the person is capable of handling your requirement.

4. Do not make the mistake of going with the local people when you visit India. There are taxi people and touts who will take you to companies where they get good commission against your purchase.

5. These taxi peoples takes to the some particular dealers lives in certain areas like Red hills and Avadi in Chennai-India, who sell the hair which is collected from post-mortem body in the hospital and died person hair from burial ground in very low cheap price which is collected from All over India which normally regular exporters do not touch this type of hair in awareness of bad elements, so this hair is sold in thrown away price.

6, Hair in low price this may lead to unhealthy hair, which cannot be dyed or bleached all are henna hair cheaply available in Chennai. My humble advice is that do not believe in touts and Taxi Drivers word who forces you to buy hair from this guys to make good commissions.

If you cannot visit a factory no issues first try a sample order look for quality you want after you carefully zero in suppliers based on your requirements, gradually increase your orders before going in for bulk orders.

Some of issues noted by hair buyers a) Short hair Mixing in braids b) Mixing of processed hair in Remy hair c) Mixing some of the cheaper hair from north India to south India. d) Artificially manipulating Textures of hair. e) Washing of hair not proper f) Using some cheap materials like shampoo, conditioner & water. g) Not supplying hair after collecting money h) Mixing dye hair in the Remy hair.

It is hard earned money don’t get carried away by the false claim until and unless you have dealt with them, Yes there are some good suppliers also you just need to spot them specially in Chennai, India which is the hub for temple hair.

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