Frequently Asked Questions

01)What hair is used?

Only 100% Human Hair. From temple

02)What is virgin/Remy hair?

Virgin is totally unprocessed hair. It is 100% natural and hence there are no damages to the cuticles. The cuticles are kept intact and each hair strand is facing one direction. Remy hair is also often referred to as "cuticle hair". In its simplest form, "virgin" describes hair that has never been processed. It is free from any chemicals such as relaxer, perm, silicones, colours and dyes. Virgin Remy is the purest form available: a combination of unprocessed hair with its cuticles intact.
We select the hair by exercising great care and ensuring that it is soft and beautiful. All of our virgin hair is Remy.

03) What is the difference between Remy and Non Remy hair?

REMY :The head and tail of the hair is kept in same order. Cuticles are not removed and are in same direction. 
NON-REMY :The head and tail of the hair is mixed.

04)What is the difference between Single drawn & double drawn?

Remy Single drawn :Virgin single drawn hairs is hackled and trimmed on one side and the sizes differ from lower size to upper sizes referred. 
Non Remy Double Drawn :Is hackled and trimmed on both sides and it will have uniform sizes both side .The head and tail of the hair is mixed.


05) What is Machine and Hand weft?

Machine weft - The hair which is sewn with machine at the top is known as machine weft 
Hand tied - Hair which is manually sewn at the upper side  is know as hand weft

06) What is the colour of my order?

Naturally The Indian women hairs are approximately 50 to 85 % are natural black
And approximately 75 to 100 % natural brown so in your orders would be approximately 
* Natural black
* Natural brown
* Natural grey

07) What is the minimum of order quantity (MOQ)?

Minimum Order Quantity  300 grams for sample order, Regular Orders  1 Kilogram and above

08) Where I have to complaint if my order is not similar to the sample or previous order?
It’s a natural collection different type of women hair so it may not be the similar to the sample or previous orders so we may not give any guarantee
But we do our maximum effort to do our best. Send mail to, Only in case manufacturing defect do let us know.

09) How to measure the hair extensions?

Sizes measured from the top to end of the bottom where it primarily ends.

10) How is Indian hair collected?

One must first be aware of the religious overtones Surrounding the cutting of the hair. In the South Indian religion of Hindu, deities specially Women may even offer their hair as something that Is valuable to them, as an act of humility or surrender of ego. The women's hair is Cut, and often their heads are shaved, Much of this hair is then Gathered and sold to Hair Exporters, and the money is allegedly used to maintain the House of worship, as well as charities and other good works sponsored by the Temple

11) Duties or taxes / missing of shipment?

The prices listed on this website do not include relevant overseas duties and other custom charges that the package may incur when entering the country of destination. Please contact your local customs agency to determine taxes and duties (if any) that will be applicable for your shipment. These charges vary from country to country and are not covered by Ebi Hair Exports

12) What to do if my shipment is lost at shipment transit?

After shipping / dispatching of your goods
We are not responsible for missing or losing for your goods .It’s your responsible to track and contact your local shipping company to collect  further details about your shipment along with your tracking number. But you can claim your value of the goods if you insured for your shipment.

13) When can I expect delivery of my order?

Delivery / Dispatching :
* Sample kit as soon as get the confirmation of the payments or within
2 or 3 days working days.
* Small order Shipments are made within 2 to 4   working days
* For bulk order Shipments are made depending on the quality and quantity of the order and its depends on your selection of Textures of hairs and stock availability on hand.
* Except Saturday and Sunday & Indian Government Holidays.
* Exceptional Delay will be duly communicated. 

orders would be shipped out according to the confirmation of the Invoice We offer shipping with  DHL & UPS OR FEDEX

14) Can I claim if my shipment is insured?

Of course you can claim the value of the shipment if you did insured the shipment.

15) Orders, Claims and return/Refund& Replacement policy.

Orders will not be dispatched until payment in full has been received and Ebi Hair Exports is satisfied with the integrity of the order.
Without limiting the operation of any other Terms and Conditions herein, Ebi Hair exports is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by late delivery or missing of shipment by the shipping company or any natural disorder or any missing by any other reasons or cancellation of an order or a product. Placement of an order by you constitutes an offer to enter into an agreement with us ("your offer"). 
Keep in mind that it is not an industrial products it's a Natural collection of different type of women Hair @ temples we select and collect according to your order and processed accordingly,So Please evaluate the merchandise carefully before placing your order.
We want every customer to be a satisfied customer. We work very hard to insure that the merchandise we sell is of the highest quality and free of defects. If you would like to return UNSATISFIED PRODUCTS due to Manufacturing Defects only, we will accept returns for refund or replacements within 15 Days after receipt of the package. We also charge 5% to 10% restocking fee & Customs Returns Charges. Shipping costs back to EBI Hair Exports is the responsibility of the customer.
* Returns are accepted for unused goods only.
* No returns or exchanges will be accepted for product that has been used.
* No refund or exchanges will be accepted for product that has been received over 15 days before the initial request to return or exchange.
•  Shipping returns back to Ebi Hair Exports and any other charges like duty or any other’s is at the expenses of the customer we are not responsible for missing or any loss of your goods at the time of return back.

16) Care instructions for Remy Hair / wefts

If you ordered hair for weaving, upon arrival hair may be slightly damp and braided. The reason for this is because this is real human hair and it has to stay moisturized, especially during transit. Please do not take bundle loose unless you are ready to sew the hair in your head. The wefts are very fragile and should be handled by a trained professional. The wefts are hand-tied and you must not cut them. If you do, apply the “Fray Check” immediately (fray check can be purchased at any fabric store) after cutting weft. If you have ordered wavy or curly textured hair. Wet the hair down with 1 part conditioner and 3 parts water. Scrunch hair. The more moisture added to the hair the curly it becomes.

1) Do not sleep with your hair wet as this will cause tangling; braid the hair in a large braid and air dry.
2) Do not use oil base product on hair as this will cause matting & tangling.
3) Combing and brushing hair while dry will cause fizziness, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner, and water to style.
4) Do not massage hair when shampooing, this type of agitation will cause severe tangling. Rub and rinse hair in a downward direction. Use your finger tips to message the scalp between the wefts of the hair.
5) Some hair product leave a residue of film build-up over time we recommend using a clarifying shampoo monthly to remove all of the build-up.
6) Heat, hair colour and bleaching of the hair will shorten the life span use of the hair it is advised to keep the use of these and alcohol based products at a minimum.
7)  Because heat and other element can damage the hair, we recommend using a leave in conditioner to maintain the healthy balance in the hair. 
8) If your shipment is insured - you will be benefited when your shipment is lost.
9) Internationally we use shipping company – DHL / UPS / FEDEX 
10) We accept Payment by PayPal or Bank transfer, western Union.
11) Our shipping cost is based on the weight and depends on the destination.

Apart from this any other query feel free to mail us!@